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The profiled absorber type TR-HD of ACE's innovative TUBUS series is manufactured on the basis of a co-polyester elastomer. It is easy to install and requires no maintenance.
Like the TR model, it is designed to absorb radial loads. The TUBUS TR-HD offers a high level of energy absorption with a minimum damping stroke. The two available models offer different damping strengths according to your application needs. The slightly concave shape of the profiles allow you to work with lower impact forces.
The TUBUS TR-HD is suitable for many applications that require a high level of impact or collision protection. The high level of absorption energy can be applied in many areas such as in agriculture or construction (e.g. loader or on special vehicle joints).
The absorption capacity depends on the selected size and hardness. The TR-HD range has been specially designed to absorb the maximum amount of energy in the smallest possible space. Strokes from 12 mm to 44 mm easily cover absorption capacities from 230 Nm to 5208 Nm. The profiled absorber can be easily and quickly fixed in both horizontal and vertical position with the 2 screws supplied. The hole spacing of the screws can be individually adapted upon request.
The service life is extremely high: up to 20 times longer than polyurethane buffers, up to 10 times longer than rubber buffers and up to 5 times longer than steel springs.

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